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2009 - Fall Edition
Interior Design
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Review: Charlotte Tallman
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Design Ideas for Kitchens
 -By Susan Boyle Hillstrom
  ISBN-10: 1580112188
  ISBN-13: 978-1580112185


Creative Homeowner
1st edition (June 1, 2005)

Available at and booksellers everywhere.
In Design Ideas for Kitchens, Susan Boyle Hillstrom captures all the information you need to design a new kitchen or remodel an old one. The book is 224 pages filled with 499 color photographs of professionally designed kitchens and a range of ideas, covering everything from lighting to cabinetry to hardware.

Design Ideas for Kitchens presents a range of ideas for creating an attractive, up-to-date kitchen by showing examples of kitchens in all shapes and sizes, including traditional U-, L-, G-shape, one-wall and galley configurations. Kitchen islands and peninsulas are represented, along with the latest cabinetry, storage options and lighting. The book also contains a complete reference for sinks and faucets, and a multitude of ideas for flooring and countertop treatments, including granite, tile and solid-surfacing material. Once a reader finds out all they need to know about forming a kitchen, they can learn how to fill it with the latest and best in kitchen appliances and the most recent technology in food preparation and storage.

This book is ideal for anyone wanting to create the perfect kitchen for their lifestyle.

Susan Boyle Hillstrom is the author of several books and the former executive editor of House Beautiful Special Interest Publications. She frequently writes about home design and remodeling for numerous national publications from her home in the western Catskill Mountains in New York State.
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