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   FLOORING Foundation for Creativity
2009 - Fall Edition
Interior Design
Article:  Joe Burgess
            Charlotte Tallman
Photos: Bill Faulkner
            Russell Bamert
            Joe Burgess
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Tile, hardwood, area rugs, carpeting — we all have our preferences as to what our feet should contact as we wander from room to room in our home.

The final decision is often influenced by our lifestyle, the number of children and pets, the cost of installation and the maintenance required. Whatever the general conclusion, there are several specifics to be addressed. The color, pattern and size of tile; the type of wood, stain and finish; and the thickness of padding under throw rugs and carpet are all important issues. Today, it is becoming increasingly popular to mix materials and patterns in floor designs.


Fine Wood Design

1570 W Picacho Ave
Las Cruces NM 88005

Stout Flooring
695 S Compress Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Uprising Custom
Tile & Stone

1031 1/2 2nd St
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Wood Floors by Beto
4416 N Mesa St
El Paso, Texas 79902

The Design Center
at Floor Concepts

909 W Amador Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88005
For any phase of a home, of course, there is no substitute for good planning, and your architect and interior designer are trained to consider the big picture. Obviously, the use of experienced craftsmen is a key to successfully laying a floor that meets your expectations, and your designers and general contractor can make those recommendations. It always makes good sense to follow up by checking references.

Wood flooring is more expensive than most options and subject to humidity swings, but beauty, a warm appearance and renewability are strong factors in favor of that choice. Wood flooring tends to increase a home's value and curb appeal and is relatively neutral for interior decorating purposes. Barry Stout of Stout Hardwood Floors relates that for new construction, the finish flooring choice may require modifications to the foundation design. Traditional solid wood floor areas require a recess of 1 1⁄2 inches to accommodate both the plywood subfloor and the traditional solid wood planks. An "engineered real wood floor" (finished wood sandwiched to plywood), however, can lie directly over the existing slab or tile. Engineered flooring is ideal for replacing carpet in a remodel as the new wood floor is about the same height (about 1⁄2 an inch) as the carpet.

Another flooring product gaining in popularity is bamboo. When properly matured and manufactured, it is stronger than oak and because of rapid regeneration (one of the fastest growing plants on Earth), it is considered "green."

Conversations with the Experts

What role do floor surfaces play in the décor of a room?

The floor acts as the foundation or anchor for the space. The importance of this role is dependent on the projected look and feel of the room. The flooring can create a subtle background or a dramatic stage. –Connie Hines

The three floor surfaces are tile or hard surface wood or carpet. We are doing more and more wood floors and they are the most expensive per square foot if they are done right. I don't like engineered floors. They do not wear well and cannot be refinished more than once. Dirt can get in the cracks and they can be damaged by dropping heavy objects on them. I still prefer carpets in bedrooms for warmth and I do lots of natural stone on floors as well. –Anne Steele

The correct floor surface can drastically impact the look and feel of a room. It can be a key element that will set the tone for the entire space. When starting a design project, we almost always begin with the floor, considering first the color and second the texture and how it will fit into the overall scheme. –Lynda Power

Flooring is extremely important. When I start a new home or remodel, that's the first thing I choose, whether it's tile, carpeting or hardwood, or a little of each. –Sherry Franzoy

Can different floor surfaces be used throughout a home? How?

There was a time when the rule of thumb was to use hard surfaces such as ceramic or vinyl in the "wet" areas (kitchen, bathrooms and laundry) and carpet everywhere else. Today, the availability of a huge variety of flooring materials has changed that. But just like in other areas of the design project, careful consideration should be given to how floor surfaces transition to each other as one moves throughout the home. An effective way to accomplish this is to create Listellos designed from all the various tiles used. These are then placed in each doorway making a smooth transition from room to room. –Lynda Power

You don't have to choose one surface for the whole house. It is important, however, to make the transition from one surface to the next. –Sherry Franzoy

I frequently use different materials, wood in main areas, and tile in high traffic areas and carpet in bedrooms. With a proper threshold at the door you can easily make the transition. –Fran Timbrook

How do you determine what type of floor surface to use?

The flooring choice is determined by style, function, comfort, as well as budget. Sustainability is also a major concern in today's world. –Connie Hines

Lifestyle is the biggest factor in selecting floor surfaces. Young families with children and pets should consider the durability and maintenance requirements of the material selected. Comfort should also be taken into account. We are seeing more new homes being built that incorporate floor warming systems in the master bath, as an example. –Lynda Power

People with allergies tend to stay with tile. Hardwoods or laminates are wonderful for the feel of a room. To use them in a study or library creates a warm effect. Concrete with an acid wash is also another direction for flooring. It gives you a little more rustic look than tile. It's important to remember that high ceilings and hard flooring surfaces tend to create an echo. A solution to help with that is area rugs, draperies or fabric shades, and furniture. Leather doesn't absorb as much sound as textured fabric. Once again, chose flooring to go with the style of your home. –Sherry Franzoy ///
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