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   OUTDOOR  Kitchen and Grills
2011 - Volume 1 Issue 1
Casas Bonitas
Article: Bob Skolnick
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Your outdoor kitchen is not difficult to construct and is typically built to support your cooking centerpiece, which is the outdoor grill you select. When you build your outdoor kitchen, plan for utilities; electricity, gas, water and drainage. You will need to have the oil-laden smoke from your grill evacuated without the potential of setting your house or patio cover on fire. The grill firebox gets very hot and the counter needs to be constructed of noncombustible materials like brick or concrete. Most likely you will need more counter space than just the area surrounding the grill. Additional counter space will serve as a buffet for placement of the salads, sides, garnishes and condiments.

    Photo Captions

1.) With a beautiful Fire Magic barbecue grill, any homemaker or would-be chef can excel with a rotisserie and radiant ceramic heating plates.

2.) This Wolf built-in barbecue, open burner top and refrigerator are the corner stones of an outdoor family buffet.

3.) If you want a more portable cooking source, the “Big Green Egg®” has grown in popularity.

4.) Cooking outdoors is not only attractive for your family, but for uninvited insect guests. The “Skeeter Vac” is your solution for a bug-free barbecue.

5.) There are many patio furniture options, not only designed for comfort; they add color to your outdoor living space.

Builders Source
Appliance Gallery

760 West Palms
Las Cruces, NM 88007

7365 Remcon Circle
El Paso, TX 79912

Ferguson Supply Showroom
820 Sunland Park Dr
El Paso, TX 79912

Goff’s Appliance & TV
3221 Gateway West
El Paso, TX 79903
Outdoor Grills and accessory appliances have come a very long way since the “ole” charcoal barbecue we had as the primary and sometimes only choice thirty to forty years ago. Americans love their barbecue and the taste of a seared burger, steak or fish filet cooked over an open flame - “they just plain tastes better.” Today there are a good number of manufacturers that make outdoor cooking grills, the names Fire Magic, Weber and Wolf are the industry leaders. Today’s grills are made of polished stainless steel and look great and hold their appeal for many years. There are numerous models that work as stand-alone units fueled by propane, and there are also probably a greater number of choices that are designed for natural gas and become a part of the cooking islands that are now the centerpiece of outdoor kitchens. We recommend you go to a local distributor to get their advice on the various model options and accessories. There are too many choices and installation considerations not to consult a professional.

All units have stainless steel easy-lift covers. They seat well to the grill firebox and allow for even and well-controlled cooking temperature. Some covers have built in thermostats so you can monitor the degrees the firebox has achieved. On the interiors, some units have halogen lights to allow better viewing of the food being cooked when barbecuing at night. If you like a smoky flavor, most units come with a wood chip drawer or pan so that you can get the southern barbecue flavor. Some units come with zone separators that allow running two different heat zones in the same cooking grill. These come with digital thermometers to manage each zone. Ceramic plates assure better and even heat. Units come with rotisserie back burners and rotisserie kits for those who love to roast over an open flame. Many units come with a radiant back burner, which helps for better browning of the item on the rotating spit. Accessories are numerous from side burners, searing grills, griddle tops, warming drawers, sinks, beverage counters, storage cabinets, under counter refrigerators and icemakers. In short you can have a fully independent second kitchen outdoors and make a wonderful meal for family and friends without running back and forth to the inside kitchen.

For those who still want to cook over charcoal, The Big Green Egg® is, well, The Big Green Egg®. This original designed American ceramic cooker is derived from an ancient clay cooker called a “kamado”. Today the Big Green Egg® is considered the world’s finest smoker and charcoal cooker. It has a ceramic inner liner, which achieves a superior and even heat. The tight fitting cover allows for a juicier meat retaining moisture. You can grill, smoke or bake all in the same unit. The recommend fuel is natural lump charcoal, which heats faster and requires minimum clean up. It has a damper that allows for airflow and resulting temperature control. It comes with a variety of accessories from pizza stones to chicken stands. There is even a Big Green Egg® Chiminea which servers as an outdoor heat source.

Patio Furniture and Patio Accessories

Buying furniture for outdoor areas, whether for sunning, lounging or dining, requires the same considerations as decorating a room inside of the house. With so many options to choose from, ranging from wicker, to aluminum, wood and molded plastic, selecting what works best for you can be challenging. Decide on what the uses are going to be and where. If children are going to be regular users, make sure what you select is very durable and tolerant of walking and/or jumping on the furniture. Get a good estimate of the number of people that might be using an area at any one time. To a great degree, the space you have allocated will determine the number of pieces. Measure the sun deck area you have allocated by the pool and then apply the sized space needed for a chaise lounge allowing for small side tables. This will tell you the number of chaises you can purchase for the available space. In your dining area, the space you have allocated will determine the size and dimensions of the dining area table. The size of the table will determine the number of chairs that can be accommodated around the primary table. Rectangles and ovals provide for better seating capacity than squares or round tables. At certain times of the year you may want to bring certain pieces under cover. In that regard, buying furniture that can stack is helpful.

Whenever possible, try out the furniture for comfort and make sure the cushions are removable and stain resistant from food and tanning oils. Consider the cushion colors with respect to landscaping colors you have included in plants and hard surfaces. You may need to purchase umbrellas for the sun deck area.
Flying insects are the uninvited and unwanted guests at your outdoor barbecue or dinner. Now there is a solution called The SkeeterVac. Billed as the mosquito exterminator, it can quietly and safely reduce the nuisance of a number of biting insect species including mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges and sand flies. It does its work by creating CO2 and the scent of a human host and attracts the flying insect. Once the insect decides to feast on the SkeeterVac, they either get sucked in by the vacuum or get trapped on a sticky surface. It even has motion lighting for nighttime attracting. It is cordless and runs off a portable propane tank. Finally, you can eat or sit by the pool and garden without getting bitten. ///
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