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2010 - Volume 1 Issue 1
Ventanas Magazine
Publisher / Editor
Publisher: Bob Skolnick
Editor: Joe Burgess
Editor: Charlotte Tallman
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The Publisher - Bob Skolnick

Our staff has worked hard to make the new Ventanas a magazine with broad topical and regional appeal. We believe the time has come where the regional communities can embrace their common ground while maintaining the community personalities that make El Paso and Las Cruces unique unto themselves. What is common is our desire to have a nice home where we can be comfortable and spend enjoyable times with our families. Many homeowners are choosing to stay put and remodel rather than sell and move up to a newer or larger home. What is common is our interest in health and the people and new technology that helps us achieve our fitness and appearance goals. What is common is our love for good food and service, having guests over or going out to dinner at a local eatery and attending a live performance in a regional venue. The new Ventanas brings these common interests into one quality magazine. I and our staff hope you find regular enjoyment in reading Ventanas.

    Bob Skolnick
  Joe Burgess
  Charlotte Tallman
The Managing Editor - Joe Burgess

The Casas Bonitas (beautiful homes) section of the new Ventanas publication provides an excellent first step for those considering remodeling their home. Publisher Bob Skolnick spent weeks picking the brains of some of the region’s top experts – qualified remodelers, specialty sub-contractors, landscapers, suppliers and manufacturers, to highlight options and considerations critical to the process of remodeling your home, both the interior and exterior. The possibilities and challenges of your specific dwelling will have to be discussed one-on-one with the experienced people in the various fields, but this issue will help you understand the process and language peculiar to remodeling. As always, we have featured some actual home transformations in El Paso and Las Cruces and landscapes that are nothing less than spectacular. Send me your comments or your feature suggestions for remodeling, new construction and interior décor for future issues. For now, relax with a glass of wine, enjoy the beautiful photography of Ventanas magazine and gain a little insight into “the enjoyment of fine southwestern living.”

The Editor - Charlotte Tallman

As the editor of the Vida Fronteriza and ¡Comidas Sabrosas! sections in Ventanas magazine, I run across a lot of great articles. In Vida Fronteriza, we highlight two sisters who are changing the style of jewelry, piece by piece, within their business, Manick Metals. We also take a look at the benefits of swimming and the hidden harm of bullying, among many other topics. In ¡Comidas Sabrosas! we are providing the same great recipes Mountain Dreams Publishing is known for, along with dining and wine tips. It is my hope that you will enjoy this edition of Ventanas as much as I enjoyed working on it, and I want to invite you to become a bigger part of these sections. If you have ideas you feel would fit well in one of these sections, I want to hear from you! Email me and tell me a little more. Hearing from our readers is what makes this magazine your magazine. Happy reading!Cumberland sauce. ///
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