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2011 - Volume 1 Issue 2
Casas Bonitas
New Home Construction
Article: Joe Burgess
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The doors opening into your home and the various spaces within are the passageways toyour personal life. They provide security and privacy, and they are a statement of who you are. Doors also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home and therefore an important facet of your new home planning and design.

    Photo Captions

1.) Masonite® doors
provide lasting durability
and performance. The
Barrington Sierra is
shown with available
transom glass.

2.) The Masonite®
Belleville Black Walnut
shown with wrought iron
and obscure glass.

3.) The Barrington Flagstaff
is one of several doors
available in both wood
and fiberglass.
  "Fiberglass exterior doors offer better weather resistance and are more stable than solid wood doors."

Edgar Garcia,
Bella Vista Homes

Artistic Entryways
& Millwork Co.

1165 McNutt Rd.
Sunland Park, NM

Rawson Builders Supply
12277 Rojas Dr.
El Paso, TX
2355 Nevada Ave.
Las Cruces, NM

770 West Palms
Las Cruces, NM

Window Concepts
7355 Remcon Circle
El Paso, TX
Bold and heavy entry doors imply a solid and secure home. Local craftsmen can create custom doors out of hardwoods such as alder or maple that compliment the beauty and character of your home’s architecture. Hand-carved wood, stained to coordinate with the colors of your exterior and interior walls, can be combined with low-E glass and wrought iron to deliver a truly unique welcome for invited guests. Double doors, tall entryways and ornate door surrounds can contribute a distinct architectural element for larger homes.

Wooden doors do require more maintenance and should be placed under porches or overhangs to reduce the effects of weathering. Any exterior wood products in positions to challenge Mother Nature should be treated on a regular basis to preserve the beauty and integrity of the wood products. Consult the door manufacturer on the maintenance that is required to uphold the door warranty.

There are, of course, beautifully designed doors constructed of durable and stable materials. Fiberglass, vinyl and metal entry doors withstand the test of time and can rival solid wood in attractiveness. As in windows, the type of material, whether all wood, wood clad with metal or vinyl, affect the heat conductivity and R-value of the door. Care should be taken in the selection and glazing of the glass used in front entry door systems. Make sure your exterior doors have an Energy Star rating.

Sliding glass doors are still common for patio entry and sliding glass walls have entered the market in recent years. The hardware should be of the highest quality for long-term and frequent use. low-E double pane and tempered glass are by required code for energy conservation and safety. Installation by a factory trained installer is essential. The material used in the frame also has an impact on the energy efficiency of the sliding door system. Whenever you have a sliding door system, plan to have a patio overhang, awnings or solar shade screens placed on the exterior above the door to reduce direct radiant sunlight and thermal heat transfer into the house.

Frequently used entry doors should utilize quality weather stripping products to ensure an energy efficient seal over time to prevent both moisture and air seepage. Straight and well-anchored jambs, headers and thresholds are critical to good seals. Weather stripping should be checked and repaired annually. Better door systems are installed with adjustable thresholds. As the house settles the front entry system should be tested for air leakage and the threshold should be adjusted to ensure a good bottom seal. The type of hinges is also important to the long term functioning of the door system. Although more expensive ball bearing hinges are recommended for heavier and taller doors particularly all wood doors that have a lot of weight.

Pocket and sliding doors are occasionally specified for bathrooms, closets and storage rooms when it is impractical to use a swinging door. Most pocket door systems are of exceptional structural integrity to ensure smooth functioning over a long life of the door and glider system. Proper installation and use are important to the life of these doors as they are typically made from lighter materials.

Front entry door systems and sliding glass door systems should be installed by a factory-trained installer from the local supplier to ensure proper installation, smooth opening and closing and a weather tight seal. ///
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