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2011 - Volume 1 Issue 2
Casas Bonitas
New Home Construction
Article: Joe Burgess
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David Coyle - Building energy-efficient homes and preserving the natural desert landscapes surrounding them is the result of strong relationships that David Coyle of Coyle Associates develops with clients. His ICF (insulated concrete forms) walls provide both the mass and the R-factor needed for today’s energy efficiency.

David’s parents are long-time area realtors and David’s degrees are in Finance and Real Estate. He was involved in construction during high school and built a showcase home while still in college. David has over 200 homes under his belt, and is a certified green builder through the National Association of Home Builders.

He has served in various capacities with the Building Industry Association of Southern New Mexico and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. He is a volunteer coach for junior high children.


Coyle Associates
David Coyle

Schueller Homes
Dale & Kyle Schueller

New Mexico Homes

Kiki & Wayne Suggs

Soledad Canyon
Earth Builders

Melissa & Max Bellestri,
Pat Bellestri-Martinez

Trinity Homes
Francisco Gonzalez &
Danny Andrus

The Design Alliance
Jeffery Huff

RC Baeza & Associates
Robert & Torey Baeza

Icon Custom Builder
Juanita & Charlie Garcia

Bella Vista Homes
Grisel Ortega,
Edgar & Maribel Garcia

BIC Homes
Antonio Cervantes &
Sergio Cuartas
Dale & Kyle Schueller - “As we look toward the future, we are building a stronger company with an emphasis on green building,” states Kyle Schueller who recently merged with Schueller Homes owned by his father Dale. Kyle’s grandfather, Ralph, owns R & D Electric in Las Cruces and Dale, an industrial engineer, has accumulated 35 years experience as a homebuilder. Kyle’s degree from New Mexico State University is in mechanical engineering.

Kyle Schueller is a Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders and is working toward LEED certification as well. “Schueller Homes has achieved Silver rating certifications,” Kyle continues, “allowing new purchasers to receive a multi-thousand dollar tax credit. Green building benefits our client’s pocket books right after the purchase, as well as in the longer term, and feels like our own small contribution to society.”

Kiki & Wayne Suggs - Wayne and Kiki Suggs began working with adobe construction in the 1980s. In 2005, they evolved toward double wall, wood-frame construction with the appearance of adobe. “We found that we could actually make the double wall more energy efficient and more affordable than adobe.”

Wayne’s great grandfather, Chris Hansen, was building in Las Cruces in the 1930s and 1940s. His grandfather and uncle became builders and Wayne had the opportunity to work with both.

“Southwest architecture with its soft-flowing walls is our passion. Everything has a purpose in New Mexico architecture and while delivering a home for today’s lifestyles and energy efficiency, our homes are as authentic as possible.”

The Suggs have attended adobe workshops and solar schools and regularly visit Santa Fe Showcase Homes for new ideas related to New Mexico style construction.

Melissa & Max Bellestri, Pat Bellestri-Martinez - Contractor Pat Bellestri-Martinez of Soledad Canyon Earth Builders is continuing to turn out her energy-efficient rammed earth homes. Experienced in every phase of the process, Max and Melissa Bellestri round out the family team that is paying close attention to building details and the lifestyle of the owner. With a creative flair inspired by Pat’s frequent northern New Mexico home tours, Soledad Canyon is providing unique and exciting features in their custom homes with a strong focus on comfort and functionality.

“We try to forge a good relationship with our clients based on integrity,” states Pat, “and deliver an energy efficient home that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.”

Pat continues her membership in the Building Industry Association of Southern New Mexico and participates in a variety of community functions.

Francisco Gonzalez & Danny Andrus - It has been a perfect convergence of backgrounds for Trinity co-founders and current owners, Danny Andrus and Francisco Gonzalez. Both had worked up to positions of increasing responsibility in the building industry since the mid nineties and as long-time friends decided they should be doing this work for themselves. Trinity Homes was formed in late 2005. Danny handles marketing, sales, architectural design and finance. Francisco works with budgeting, purchasing, production and warranty work.

“Our motto is better products, better built and better value. As the owners and with help from family members, we are personally overseeing every aspect of the design and building process.”

Danny and Francisco are members of El Paso Association of Builders, Hispanic Builders Alliance and the Better Business Bureau and they are Energy Star Partners.

Jeffery Huff - El Paso native, Jeffery Huff, sole proprietor of Design Alliance, LLC, focuses primarily on new home design. He studied architecture at the University of New Mexico and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena before returning to El Paso in 1984 to work with various local design firms. His subsequent experience with developer R.E. Welsh provided insight from the builder’s perspective, allowing him to incorporate plan details that are more relevant for the people in the field.

“I put a lot of effort into understanding my client’s lifestyle and goals, constantly reminding myself that I am designing for their benefit and enjoyment, not my own. I try to deliver architectural designs that are more timeless in nature, transcending current fads. Homes are a big investment and long-term value is important.”

Robert & Torey Baeza - Robert Baeza of RC Baeza & Associates, Inc. grew up in his dad’s home building business, EH Baeza, Inc., building in El Paso since the mid-50s. “I could drive a tractor before I could drive a car,” laughs Robert. “And using your personal name for the business leaves no doubt as to who is responsible.”

Robert started his own business in 1990, building medium to large custom homes. “My power plant experience in the navy and locally made me very detail oriented and I learned from my dad that the job needed to be done right the first time.”

The company is licensed in both Texas and New Mexico. Robert joined the El Paso Home Builders Association in 1991 and has served in various capacities including President.

Charlie & Juanita Garcia - Charlie Garcia and his brother Edgar grew up helping their father build rental homes, and eventually started their own separate homebuilding companies. Icon Homes was initiated by Charlie in 2005 and he was joined in the business by his wife, Juanita, a former schoolteacher. “We began as remodelers and have now built a strong reputation as custom homebuilders.”

Building primarily Tuscan style homes, Icon includes brick and stone exteriors in their treasure chest of ideas for clients. “You’ll find loads of detail work in our ceiling designs and indirect lighting. Custom tile work, columns and off-the-wall amenities are typical in our homes and all of them are Energy Star rated.”

The company is a member of the El Paso Association of Builders, the Better Business Bureau and is an Energy Star Partner.

Grisel Ortega, Edgar & Maribel Garcia - In the off seasons when he wasn’t tending the family’s fields and orchards, Edgar was helping his parents build homes that were used as rentals. Edgar and his brother, Charlie, became professional firefighters and began building homes on the side, eventually creating their own separate companies. Edgar and his wife, Maribel, started Bella Vista Homes in El Paso in 2001 with Grisel Ortega serving as customer representative.

They have built strong relationships with quality sub-contractors, leaning primarily toward Mediterranean and Tuscan designs. “We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction with attention to detail and quality. We offer very competitive base designs utilizing owner input with numerous options to draw from. People frequently come to us because they like our designs.”

All Bella Vista homes are qualified Energy Star.

Antonio Cervantes & Sergio Cuartas - “BIC Homes and our real estate business follow a detailed written Mission Statement, called the BIC Way, that all employees are expected to embrace and to share with customers and venders,” states owner Sergio Cuartas. “We have a philosophy based on customer satisfaction and we believe in living that philosophy with passion,” adds President Antonio Cervantes.

Sergio was schooled as an architect with an MBA in Finance and Economics. He started BIC Homes in 2002. Antonio is a civil engineer with a Masters in Construction Administration who consulted with BIC for two years and now serves as president.

BIC builds all ranges from affordable packages to “move up” and high-end custom dream homes. “Our flexibility allows us to build homes for everyone,” says Sergio, “without sacrificing quality at any level.” ///
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