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2011 - Volume 1 Issue 2
Casas Bonitas
New Home Construction
Article: Bob Skolnick
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When building your new home, important considerations should be given to your pre-wiring or structured wiring. This prepares your home to handle today’s, and more importantly, tomorrow’s home technology. While in itself, “smart” wiring technology does not qualify for tax credits, but it does enable you to take advantage of technology that does qualify, such as automated heating and cooling thermostat controls.

    "We always encourage
pre-wiring for everything
imaginable, to avoid cutting
into walls at a later date."

Wayne Suggs,
Classic New Mexico Homes
  "Technology is changing
so rapidly it only makes
sense to run extra
structured wiring during
home construction. As
future home management
processes become
automated, one new
application may catch your
attention after construction
that is desirable for your

Jeffery Huff,
The Design Alliance

Custom AV

RP Engineering


Home Theater &
Security Experts


Prewire of El Paso

Your electrical system uses a point of entry (meter and circuit breaker panel) and then is distributed to the rooms and appliances throughout your house. Structured wiring often referred to as low-voltage wiring, is all communications other than your electrical The type of wire used is Cat 5E which specially designed for this application. When your house is being framed, and then being roughed in with plumbing and electrical, this is the time to place your structured low-voltage wiring and controls. Structured wiring can deliver telephone, internet, audio, video, security, thermostat controls, lighting controls and computer network, and given the growth in technology, there will be applications we do not even know about. You can control the key functions of your house from virtually any room that has a control panel. Watch TV and if the doorbell rings, you can get a corner image of the front entry on the television screen. If you are getting up earlier than normal, turn on the coffee maker and the heat from the comfort of your bed. Getting home later than expected and you can turn on a lighting setting and lower the air conditioning from a keypad from your desk at work.When children come home special key fobs will allow them to turn off the security alarm system without having to memorize security codes. The options are infinite.

You ask, do I really need this? The answer is yes! Better controlling the resources of the house saves money by reducing excessive use of appliances. There will come a day when a central computer will monitor the energy efficiency of your appliances and make adjustments automatically to meet a predetermined energy profile. More importantly, this technology was reserved for high priced homes in the past decade. Ten years from now it will be in every home and reasonably affordable. If you do not have a “smart” house in total or in part, when you ultimately place the house for resale it will be less competitive with newer homes that have the structured wiring technology included in the basic home plan. Running the wiring is much more affordable than you think and is necessary to support all of the other technology you have purchased for your home and lifestyle. Installing the structured wiring capability does not mean that you have to use all of the options and capabilities now but it does enable you to do so when you are ready, next month, next year or further into the future. Once the house is finished, running or pulling wire is much more expensive than including it in the original building plan.

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