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   CHUT-NEY  Indian Cuisine in El Paso
2010 - Volume 1 Issue 2
¡Comidas Sabroso!
Cuisines of India
Article: Joe Burgess
Photos: Joe Burgess
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“I love food and I love cooking,” states Kushal Shetty, who along with wife Asha owns Chut-ney restaurant on Mesa in El Paso. Kushal and Asha come from a long line of restaurateurs in India, and the Bunt community to which they belong is very prominent in the business. When they moved to El Paso from Long Island, New York, they missed good authentic Indian food and decided to open Chut-ney.

    Chutney serves beer and wine and has an active catering service.

5435 N Mesa St.
El Paso, TX
What sets Chut-ney apart is that it serves a variety of dishes from both north and south India. The southern Indian fare of dosas (rice crepes) is particularly interesting and healthy. Every meal uses a different combination of spices and it is prepared to the taste of the guest. “We don’t prepare our sauces in bulk,” says Kushal, “and that is what he believes makes each dish Chut-ney turns out so special and sumptuous.”

“The local favorite is tandoori chicken,” relates Kushal, “but my personal choice is Chicken Tikka Masala.” Guests who frequent the restaurant are usually people who have traveled a lot, including military personnel, or who simply enjoy international food and the savory spices of India. Indian cuisine includes chicken, lamb, goat and fish, but also features a host of vegetarian dishes. There are lots of items on the menu that are gluten-free and vegan, so there is something for everybody.

The spread for the article included a south Indian thali or platter with pickled caper, lintels, spinach and potato, Indian eggplant, carrot halva, plain yogurt and garbanzo curry. It also came with two soups – rasam, a spicy south Indian soup, and samber, a mixed vegetable lentil soup, and, of course, naan, a plain or garlic northern bread. A refreshing glass of fresh mango lassi was the drink. The thali turned out to be a great introduction to south Indian cuisine. ///
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