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2010 - Volume 1 Issue 2
Ventanas Magazine
Publisher / Editor
Publisher: Bob Skolnick
Editor: Joe Burgess
Editor: Charlotte Tallman
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The Publisher - Bob Skolnick

As we set out to define an “Energy Efficient Home” it became exceedingly clear that anyone who is contemplating designing and building a custom home or purchasing an existing home needs to recognize that this country will be requiring the reduction of energy consumption in many areas of daily living. The personal home is a big consumer of energy and reducing that load is a priority that the Federal Government will address through strong regulations phased in over the next ten years. Incorporating the principles of an energy efficient home today is voluntary –failing to consider impending requirements will place today’s home below the mandated standards ten years hence. The house will be non-competitive, forcing either the seller or the buyer to do remedial work.

    Bob Skolnick
  Joe Burgess
  Charlotte Tallman
We have prepared a very comprehensive article that addresses all the elements that should be considered. The struggle for most new homeowners will be to justify the added cost today of meeting these voluntary standards and still include those granite counter tops and shiny new appliances. One solution is to reduce the square footage of the house and place that savings into your building envelope. An Energy Star designation is a good start but most prospective homeowners and builders need to invest well beyond the Energy Star minimums. You can make those improvements now at today’s prices or you can make them ten years from now at much higher pricing.

The Managing Editor - Joe Burgess

Wow! The shear pleasure of living in a home with a kitchen you helped design, an entertainment center to make your sports buddies envious; and a bathroom…YES! a bathroom with plenty of elbow room – no more fighting over the sink (or competing for hot water) and a truly relaxing shower – life is good.

This is the new construction issue of Casas Bonitas in Ventanas magazine. We will introduce you to a few of the region’s most reliable designers and builders of new homes and provide sufficient information to help you begin speaking their language. Our feature homes cover the gamut from 1900 square feet to 12,700. You’ll be amazed by the distinctive and energy efficient features built into both the up-scale homes and the ones in the more affordable price ranges. Take a look inside and see if you aren’t encouraged to start that new home project that you have dreamed about for years. And send me your thoughts on new home issues that we can pursue for next year.

The Editor - Charlotte Tallman

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” - G. W. F. Hegel

Passion is an amazing thing, and I believe passion is what fills this magazine. You don’t have to turn too many pages in the Vida Fronteriza or ¡Comidas Sabrosas! sections of Ventanas before you find something written about a passionate person, or something you yourself are passionate about.

Take Grace Flight of America, New Mexico Wing – a group of pilots giving self, time and resources to provide for those in need. That’s passion. Then there is Melinda Volent-Kerner who lives and breaths yoga, finding a healthy balance for a passionate life.

Looking to pump up your own passion? If you are a passionate traveler, you can find a wonderful retreat in Crested Butte, full of backcountry trails and sophisticated diners. Or, if you are passionate about cooking, spend an evening cooking venison roast with a zinfandel-wild mushroom sauce or a roast goose with Cumberland sauce.

If you are looking for passion, you are in the right place, because if Ventanas had a middle name, passion would be it. ///
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