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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 2
Casas Bonitas
Feature Home
Article: Joe Burgess
Photos: Bill Faulkner
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To be a successful builder and developer for a span of 40 years, the owner must have acquired a keen sense of quality and customer service, with a focus today on energy efficiency and green building practices. He must be capable of visualizing customer wants and needs and determining how to accomplish them. Early on, Winton & Associates tackled ISO 9000 Certification, forcing itself to meet stringent quality standards – consistently – and to incorporate green building standards wherever possible. This rigorous and often complicated and costly commitment allowed the company to put teeth into its claims and become a regional force in the homebuilding industry.


Home Builder/Remodeler:
Winton Homes

Interior Designer:
Designs by L.L. Power
& Associates

Lynda Power

Ferguson Enterprises

Medallion Cabinetry

Diaz Carpet

Counter Tops:
Trinity Marble

Construction Materials:
Drywall Shop
Navarro's Molding

Driveway and Walkway:
Artistic Concrete


Jack White Building Specialties

Flooring & Tile:
Emser Tile

Furnishings Accessories:
Designs by L.L. Power
& Associates

Marge Carson Collections

Armendariz Landscaping

Lighting & Fans:
Designer's Mart

Pool & Spa:
Winton Pools


Plumbing Fixtures:
El Paso Winnelson

ABC Roofing

Shower Enclosures
& Mirrors:
Home Products


Deluxe Custom Shutters

Stone & Tile:
Plaster Queen

The Taft Company

Window Treatments:
Designs by L.L. Power
& Associates
When Jack and Joy Winton decided to build a new home for themselves, even though their children now had lives of their own, they still wanted a home large enough to showcase their company's capabilities. At this point in their careers, they also wanted a home that was comfortable, fun and sufficiently flexible to handle their various priorities in life. They embarked on a journey of careful planning, based on their own experiences and on talent from within the company, but also sought input from other top professionals in the area and other regions of the country.

Developing design criteria that works in today's world without becoming dated in the near future appears to be one of Jack's strong points. Another is obviously his wife, Joy, his "sweetheart" of many years, who provides the finishing touches to their custom homes. Capitalizing on this business/personal partnership, they set out to design and build a home capable of facilitating their busy workday, to include displaying upscale design elements for potential customers; providing warmth and comfort to a couple whose children are no longer at home; handling all the children and grandchildren when they do show up; having the grace, beauty and efficiency to ensure successful entertaining of friends and clients; and, most importantly, to provide an exciting place to live – a source of pride.

The two looked at homes in Scottsdale, pulled books from Barnes & Noble and finally leaned toward a set of Tuscan plans from a house in Florida. They turned the plans over to Laticia Mata, who has designed Winton upscale homes for 26 years, and her group massaged the plans to specifically address the Winton's lot and personal preferences.

A good view was paramount to the Wintons and they chose a lot next to their friends and fellow developers, Dan and Tommie O'Leary. The house was oriented and designed to take full advantage of the view across El Paso's upper valley. All major rooms were given an unobstructed panorama of the valley below. Closets, storerooms, bathrooms and entries were placed in areas lacking a view.

For the construction phase, Jack worked closely with his veteran upscale-home superintendent of 25 years, Chuy Robles. As with all Winton homes, there was a strong focus on quality assurance and green building practices.

The spacious kitchen, with leaded-glass windows and cabinet doors, includes three sinks and two large islands in addition to the stand-alone breakfast bar. It utilizes Wolf and Sub Zero appliances and has a side assembly and/or "grandchild lunchroom" softened by an arched Tuscan street mural. An adjacent wine room holds about 50 cases. "I love the kitchen," states Joy, "I would have to say it's my favorite area of the house."

In the informal dining area, a semicircular wall with a Tuscan seaside mural and a series of vertical windows surround a large round table, giving the impression of an outdoor Riviera patio. It is part of the great room that includes the downstairs family room and kitchen. The family room, with a fireplace and television, has glass walls with a view across the patio and pool to the valley below. A downstairs guest washroom continues the Tuscan motif with an impressive wrap-around village and sea mural providing a realistic scene that lacks only a gentle breeze off the Mediterranean.

Every ceiling is truly a unique masterpiece, designed by Jack with tiered elevations and beams that add a powerful "wow" factor to each room. Clerestory windows in a high muraled tower shed natural light over the piano area of the formal living room. A sculpted ceiling design and large, exquisite chandelier contribute to the strong décor of the room's sitting area with its series of tall bay windows overlooking the city. Drapes skillfully hang around the bay windows enhancing the design without detracting from the view.

A small library is where Jack spends much of his time, catching up with news and weather and following the markets. With a fireplace, television and overstuffed chairs, it is simply a comfortable hideaway for focus and thought.

The master bedroom deserves a "grand" descriptive with its tiered and sculpted ceiling and tiered recesses for the bed area and artwork. The bay window concept also found its way into the bedroom with heavier, warmer drapes than were used in the formal living room. The master bath, with granite countertops and matching Jacuzzi tub skirt, is bright and functional, and the huge master closet has to be every person's dream. In fact, Jack surprised Joy by moving an exterior wall from the designed location to the setback limits of the property, creating a much larger space for the master bedroom area. The fireplace, sitting area and kitchenette complete a total-living concept that appears to be the design basis for every section of the home.

A large family room is located on the second floor and includes a fireplace, TV, pool table, memorabilia from world travels, rich dark-leather/zebra-skin chairs and a veranda with a fabulous view of El Paso's north valley. The media room adjoins the family room with three televisions allowing up to three football games to be watched simultaneously. Jack claims that the only time he ventures upstairs is during NFL season. Of course, the media room is conveniently located only a few steps away from a full wet bar and powder room.

"We are blessed to be here and to be able to enjoy this wonderful home," states Joy. "The family room is great for the grandkids and we utilize the back patio almost daily for coffee in the morning and drinks in the evening." The back yard includes a pool, large water feature and putting green.

Joy is an interior designer and has provided the interior décor for Winton homes for the past 35 years. In the design of her own home, she wanted to research fresh ideas by including her friend, El Paso designer Lynda Power. A cooperative effort was formed among Joy, Lynda and the Winton design team and the results were nothing less than stunning. Due to the large room sizes, they leaned toward rich colors and heavy, textured fabrics. The décor for each room was designed specifically around its architectural elements. Drapes were used to enhance the large bay windows, for instance, as opposed to covering them. Murals throughout the home are the work of Cesar Lujan with Myriam Montes providing faux finish, stenciling and painting. Artwork from locals like Noel Espinoza and Julie Oliver hangs on the walls. "A lot of time went into picking and arranging furniture, artwork and draperies," says Joy, "but I believe we took a great house and made it spectacular." Ventanas agrees. ///
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