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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 2
Casas Bonitas
Remodeling a Home
Article: Jasmine Evaristo
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Gone are the days, where we retreat to the bathroom purely for utilitarian purposes. Now, the bathroom serves as a private area for revitalization and relaxation; a serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. Essentially, inasmuch as the bathroom has come to help nourish our health and well being, enriching it through renovation can be both indulgent and productive.

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McGinley Construction
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The Studio Design Center
1885 W. Boutz Road
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Opting for a bathroom remodel in any capacity is one of the best home improvement investments anyone can make. Not only can it create a whole new dimension of comfort for your lifestyle, but will also add substantial value to your home. The key to reinventing the bathroom space successfully is equilibrium – striking a balance between creating a luxurious oasis, and a functional and flexible domain to sustain its marketability.

First things first, when contemplating a bathroom remodel, ruminate on the space you have to work with. Fully examine the proportions, configuration and architectural style. Determine who will be using the space, and how they will use it. Define your necessities and your desires. Be mindful of what works and what falls short in your current design. Establish a solid cushion for time management and an appropriate budget – always leave room for a little bit of projected error. Overall, it is critical to be familiarized with the groundwork of your bathroom basics. The layout, plumbing and mechanical details will affect your choices – and their costs and value. Opulence cannot be achieved if the space is not workable and livable.

Meticulous planning reaps design benefits! Once you’ve outlined the logistics of your bathroom remodel, reward your diligent efforts by coloring in the aesthetic features that will refresh your bathroom’s spirits. Even at the design and décor phase of your renovation, be conscious to creating the symmetry between a personal and versatile space when seeking design inspiration.
At the onset of redecorating, a great starting point for your remodel vision is the selection of a color scheme. Your palette choice will set the tone for how the room will feel – color affects ambience. Introduce one color you absolutely love into your scheme and build from there.

Warm colors, such as reds and yellows, generate vibrancy; while cool colors – the blues and greens – provoke a feeling of calmness and tranquility. To preserve the added value of the remodel, settle for neutral tones for the surfaces, and bold colors within select accent pieces. This gives your design flexibility. Traditional finishes within fixtures and faucets foster versatility within the space. White fixtures, along with brushed nickel or chrome faucets, provide a timeless appeal adaptable to a variety of style options.

A further design concept that can bring any bathroom remodel together is to emphasize the space with a focal point of dominant interest. A focal point adds a layer of charm and significance. It can be anything that engages the eye, such as an imposing double vanity with a pair of mirrors or a large soaking tub angled in the corner opposite the door. A natural focal point can be a pause for reflection. Wall-to-wall and counter-to-ceiling mirrors are unequivocally eye-catching, and can enlarge the appearance of the space. To unify a shared space, wall-to-wall mirrors work well with double-sink vanities.

When revising your current bathroom design, the key to personalizing luxury and creating a worthy investment could be to just add water. The bathroom is the new den; a peaceful sanctuary for escape. Hence, soaking tubs and steam showers with multiple showerheads are boosting trends in the market with palatial appeal. Including the option to shower or bathe in a bathroom design can make or break the success of your remodel. Accommodating these preferences will maximize a home’s marketability and improve quality.

Let there be light, and let your new bathroom shine. When reworking the scheme of your bathroom, a feature to give thoughtful attention to is the lighting detail. An intentional lighting design can create a desired mood, and satisfy task-specific lighting accommodations. Consider positioning lighting fixtures over mirrors and tubs, and inside shower enclosures and storage spaces. And if it’s in your means, assess the potential to add windows and skylights for natural, sun-filled illumination.

A bathroom promoting relaxation means everything in its rightful place. Storage space is a necessity that takes precedence in any renovation; you can never have enough of it. Don’t let the need for storage intimidate your right to style. If the choice exists, install additional niches along the wall to keep things orderly. Also, opt for vanities and armoires – they provide sufficient storage space whilst being casual and elegant.

If you’ve laid out a revised floor plan for your remodel, but you’re still in search of a design muse, keep up with the trends. Pinpoint the latest in bathroom remodels, and let those trends that resonate with you inspire thematic elements of your renovation. Some novelties finding their way into bathroom design include the privatization of the toilet; creature comforts, such as small coolers and flat-screen televisions; heated floors, porcelain, stone and glass tiles; and protruding wall faucets and vessel sinks.

The bathroom has been restructured from its sole practical use to a space for quiet composure. When you’ve made the decision to breathe new life into your bathroom, be sure to maintain its composure – achieving uniformity between customization and durability. A rewarding remodel will offer lavish longevity when given cautious thought to style and lifestyle. ///
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