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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 2
Casas Bonitas
Remodeling a Home
Article: Heather Parra
Photos: Bill Faulkner
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Five city blocks can make all the difference. At least, it has for the Hal Marcus Gallery. Though their new location at 1308 N. Oregon is only five blocks from their previous location on the corner of Yandell and Mesa, it has a whole different atmosphere. Rather than being on bustling Mesa St., the new gallery sits quietly on a side street in Sunset Heights amongst beautiful old homes, one of which belongs to Hal Marcus and his wife, Patricia Medici. The house and the couple's art collection can be seen in Marcus' new book, Hal Marcus El Paso Arthouse.

    Photo Captions

1.) Kelly Foss, Patricia
     Medici and Hal Marcus

Hal Marcus Gallery
1308 N Oregon St.
El Paso, TX 79902
The new location, which had its opening in April 2011, also has other benefits, such as two stories and great parking. They are open to the public Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment.

"We are in the heart of the city – in the middle of all of this history. It's neighborhood-y. I like everything about it," says Marcus. "We had seen this property and it was a dream of ours to move the gallery here."

The new location has also meant a big lifestyle change for Medici, who runs the business side of the Hal Marcus Gallery. Being across the street from home means more time for other things she enjoys such as gardening, yoga and her pets.

The Hal Marcus Gallery sets itself apart from the moment you walk in the bright yellow door. Each room is painted a different bright, beautiful color that really complements Marcus' colorful artwork.

"The gallery is really evolving into more of Hal's personality. It has bright walls and Hal is a bright person," says Kelly Foss, Hal Marcus Gallery manager and artist. "The move is really just one more step to being a reflection of Hal."

The gallery features a room dedicated to early El Paso artists. "These people all had a passion for art that was equal to my passion," says Marcus. He feels that it is important to preserve this work that was from a time when art was not well recognized in El Paso.

The other portion of the gallery is dedicated to Marcus' work, as well as the work of about 12 other local artists that are shown regularly at the Hal Marcus Gallery. These artists are Bill Sullivan, Willibald de Cabrera, Mauricio Mora, Manuel Acosta, Mark Paulda, Francisco Romero, Teresa Fernandez, Vincent Peterson, Bill Rakocy, Evelyn Ainsa, Candy Mayer and Danny Padilla.

"The Hal Marcus Gallery has really set the bar for the art scene in El Paso," says Patricia Medici.

Hal Marcus recently came out of a period of doing many paintings of harlequins, which are based upon his children who are all performers. Many of these colorful paintings, full of geometric shapes and flowing movement, can be seen in his recently published book, Hal Marcus Harlequin Artbook.

Marcus' newer works reflect his passion for the ancient Aztec culture and beliefs. He spent much of the first part of the year working on a reproduction of an Aztec Codex, which is a pre-Columbian book cover. The Aztecs had many of these highly symbolic drawings, but most were destroyed by the Spaniards and now only five remain.

This reproduction was a commission from a woman who had a dream that Marcus was supposed to paint this Codex and Marcus says that it has changed his life. Marcus and his wife, Medici are now collaborating with Carlos Aceves on a book called Nine Seasons: 2012 and Beyond, which Marcus calls a manual for living the seasons of life in a new era according to the ancient Aztecs.

Since finishing the Codex, Marcus has been working on his third painting this year. This painting called Brother Sunflower and Sister Moon combines his self-portrait with the mysteries of the cosmos, using of course, all of the bold, bright colors that are so characteristic of Marcus' artwork, his gallery and his personality. ///
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