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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 2
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Fan Fare: A Playbook of Great
Recipes for Tailgating or
Watching the Game at Home

 -By Debbie Moose
 -Published by Harvard
  Common Press
  ISBN-10: 1558323384
  ISBN-13: 978-1558323384

    Available at and booksellers everywhere.
Tailgating isn't just something you do – it's a lifestyle, founded upon tradition, athletic pride, camaraderie, good food and ice-cold beer. Tailgating is a sport in its own right, and to claim a victory for a winning tailgate, you've got to have a game plan. Fan Fare: A Playbook of Great Recipes for Tailgating or Watching the Game at Home by Debbie Moose is the optimal guide for laying out the ultimate pre-game spread. With a conversational tone and a wealth of sports analogies, Debbie serves up a smorgasbord of recipes for regional tailgating favorites while providing a play-by-play of helpful pointers for managing a festive tailgate.

With this playbook in hand, your game day feast will energize and entertain your team of ravenous tailgaters!

Feeding the Hungry Tailgater - is a tailgating blog dedicated to bringing sports enthusiasts the latest and most captivating tailgating ideas out there. Whether it's the latest must-have gear, an appetizing new recipe, or a comical list to make you smile, the bloggers' goal is to entertain and inform the most passionate and casual tailgaters alike.

Launched in August 2007, David Lamm created because he grew tired of looking for tailgating ideas on the web, and only finding websites wanting to sell him something. The blog is the combined effort of nine contributing writers – and die-hard tailgaters – who offer product reviews, beer recommendations, mouthwatering recipes, hilarious commentary, contests and promotions and innovative ideas to elevate the tailgating experience.

The blog is very entertaining whilst being informative, easy to navigate and interactive. It's a web community to find and share the most novel of tailgating concepts. ///
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