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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 2
Vida Buena
Beauty & Style

Article: Bob Skolnick
Photos: Jason Meyer

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There are so many special moms, it is hard to single out just one, but that was the task that Heidi Phillips of News Channel 9 and 4 and Griselda Oaxaca of El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Center set as their goal when they created a Makeover for Mom event. The television stations got the message out to the borderland region that they were looking for a special mom to receive a complete makeover from the area's leading beauty and fashion businesses. The public was encouraged to submit nominees for "that special mom," and Griselda and Heidi received hundreds of submissions. One stood out among them when one mom's 23-year-old daughter wrote the following:

Photo Captions:
1.   Consultation at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery.
2.   Skincare and Botox treatments.
3.   Makeup session.
4.   Teeth whitening with Richard Ponsford DDS.
5.   The new bright smile.
6.   Wardrobe fitting at Tres Mariposas.
7.   The selected outfit.
8.   Color and cut at West End Hair Salon & Spa.
9.   Final makeup session.
10.   Cookie bouquet from Cookies by Design.
11.   Dr. Ozan Sozer.
12.   A hug from Nan Napier.
13.   Theresa and Husband.
14.   Gloria Viramontes.
15.   Jeweler Randy Johnson.
16.   Dr. Richard Ponsford.
17.   Theresa's happy family awaiting "The Reveal".
18.   The "Mom Makeover" sponsors with Theresa and her husband.
"My mom is the mother of 10 children ranging from 23 years to 5 years old. Two are biological and eight are adopted. Some of our kids have special medical needs and others behavior needs. We have a very busy family. My mother also serves the country as an officer in the National Guard. My mom has always been there for us. She does all she can to make our lives better, and to make sure we each grow up and be the best we can. With so many children my parents don't always have much time to themselves. It would be great for my mom to have some time to herself to relax and be an adult without children around. She gives us a lot, and our family definitely wouldn't be able to function without her. She is what keeps us all in order. This would be a very special treat for her to enjoy." - by Jordin Martin about her mom, Theresa Martin.

The letter said a lot, but not the whole story. Theresa and her husband made a decision to adopt children with special needs to give them a good life, a better life. When we first met Theresa, she was in Army fatigues and on active duty assigned to Fort Bliss. She is a mom that could have a small amount given back to her as a thank you for her giving.

Griselda and Heidi knew what to do to create the special makeover. Dr Sozer, owner of El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Center located on Mesa Hills Drive, agreed to host the event and also provide a full skin care consultation with Botox and fillers. The talented center staff worked well with Theresa, and after the skin treatment Theresa received a makeup session. Theresa was then scheduled for the office of Doctor Pondsford, a prominent local dentist on Thunderbird, for a professional teeth whitening appointment.

Next, Theresa was invited to Tres Mariposas on Mesa to meet with Nan Napier and her staff to select an outfit for the "meet the public" event at the end of the week just before Mother's Day. Theresa tried on several outfits and settled on a beautiful white top and black slacks. She arrived in Army fatigues, but she now had a new wardrobe to wear for the event on Friday.

Westend Hair Salon & Spa on Stanton scheduled Theresa to come over for a new hair style with color and cut. She was also treated to a pedicure and manicure. The transformation of Theresa was well under way and on the day of the "meet the public" event, Theresa had final makeup and hair treatments and then was presented with a Pandora's bracelet from Randy Johnson of Johnson's Jewelers, and a bouquet of flowers from Kern Place Florists. She also received a gift certificate for workouts at Chad's Gym and a cookie bouquet from Cookies by Design.

Theresa's family, her parents, and event sponsors, Griselda, Dr. Sozer and Heidi waited in the lobby of the El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Center for Theresa to come out and meet everyone. The kids were especially anxious to see the made over mom. They were all surprised and happy when Theresa emerged and they saw their "new look" mom for the first time after the makeover. Theresa was beaming and gave everyone a big hug. After the event, Theresa and her husband were treated to a sumptuous dinner at Great American Steakhouse.

Clearly Griselda and Heidi can say, "mission accomplished." A special mom had a special day! Theresa may have been made over on the exterior, but she was the same smiling, special mom to her family on the inside. Thanks to all! ///
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