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2012 - Spring Issue
Casas Bonitas
Outdoor Living
Article: Jessica Muncrief
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From the kitchen to the living room, areas once thought of as indoor spaces have been making the leap into the great outdoors. Just as you wouldn't forget to put your own personal touches on your living room or kitchen, there is no need to neglect it outdoors either. Fortunately, West of the Wind Designs has taken outdoor decorations beyond plants and garden statues by creating canvas art to utilize in your exterior decor. They offer an impressive selection of artwork, all of which are UV protected, waterproof, and fade resistant, making them perfect accents for your outdoor patio areas.

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West fo the Wind Designs


Color Your World

Las Cruces, NM

The Patio
El Paso, TX

West of the Wind

Through a high-tech printing method known as gicleé (from the French word meaning "to spray or to squirt with a nozel"), stunning photographic images are transferred onto canvas, with exceptional color and detailed accuracy. Sue Pappas, owner of West of the Wind Designs, says "The quality of gicleé print rivals more traditional methods and is commonly found in museums, art galleries, and photographic galleries." From idyllic ocean views to beautiful landscapes and travel scenes, West of the Wind offers a lovely selection of vibrant, colorful images suitable for a wide variety of décor tastes.

After printing, the canvases are wrapped onto stretcher bars in a process called "gallery wrap," in which a continuation of the image or colors is stretched onto the sides of the frame. This makes the artwork appropriate for hanging without a frame, something you will want to consider when placing pieces outdoors. "Traditionally stretcher bars are made of wood that would warp in an outdoor environment," notes Sue, "Our outdoor art framework consists of vinyl stretcher bars that are impervious to moisture, cold and heat." They also employ non-corrosive, stainless steel staples to attach the canvas to the bars.

All this protection against corrosion and fading would be futile, if the first spring winds simply blew it away. With each print, West of the Wind includes all the hardware and hooks necessary for outdoor installation. The artwork can easily be attached to stone, stucco, brick, wood or aluminum and can withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

While this artwork is designed to hang beautifully without a frame, if you want to add an additional décor element, West of the Wind has you covered as well. For a really unique and handsome look, try one of their shutter frames that give the impression of looking at the image from a window.

West of the Wind also offers patio umbrellas printed with attractive scenes and designs. Just like their other products, the umbrellas are made to withstand the elements. With fiberglass ribs and thick aluminum center poles, these umbrellas are constructed to be extremely wind resistant.

Be sure to visit West of the Wind Designs' website to view their product gallery which includes hundreds of canvas art options. Locally, their products are also sold at Guzman's Color Your World in Las Cruces and The Patio in El Paso. ///
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