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2012 - Spring Issue
Casas Bonitas
Article: Jasmine Evaristo
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The bathroom is your private oasis, and the shower is the polestar. Enriching your shower experience with the latest in deluxe shower system appurtenances can have a positive influence on your lifestyle holistically.

    Photo Captions

1.) Kohler WaterTile
     Round Sprayhead

2.) Kohler WaterTile
     Square Sprayhead

3.) Kohler WaterTile
     Rain Shower

4.) Graff Luna Shower

5.) Graff Stealth Shower

6.) Kohler Custom
     Showering System

7.) Sterling Accord
     Seated Shower

8.) Kohler DTV Shower

9.) California Faucets
     Wave Shower Drain

10.) DTV Prompt Digital
       Showering Interface

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Hardware Specialties
& Glass Co.


Rawson Builders Supply

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Scenario number one: it's been a seemingly endless and stressful day – an amalgam of angry phone calls, traffic and counterproductive business meetings. Envision coming home and washing off the day's strife underneath a soothing overhead faucet simulating rain; blowing off some steam in a steam-controlled shower; and drowning out the figurative white noise in your head through the pacifying sound of cascading water and your favorite music…an ideal nightcap.

Scenario number two: it's the dawn of the day as you wipe the sleep from your eyes. Imagine awakening your senses through rotating handshowers; reviving your spirit against the sweeping mists of temperature and pressure-controlled bodysprays – a refreshing start to the day that will ensure you're out of the house in efficient time via a customized shower time interface.

Showerheads are the crown jewels of showers; the feather in Yankee Doodle's cap. The Rain Showerhead from Kohler is a superlative articulation of the soporific sensations of a spring rainfall, available in contemporary and traditional finishes. Kohler's WaterTile Showerhead presents a harmonious marriage of form and function. Their subtle, efficient designs and profound performances boost the creation of a luxurious showering experience.

Bodysprays rejuvenate your spirit with an all-over body massage from a wide, strong spray. Relax the mind and body with gentle hydrotheraphy. Bodysprays, like Kohler's WaterTile Bodysprays, can assuage a personalized shower experience suitable to your mood and lifestyle. They virtually lie flush to the wall, and can be positioned almost anywhere in the shower.

Relaxing, massaging and invigorating, handshowers place performance and opulence in the palm of your hand. Available with large sprayfaces and multiple spray options, handshowers offer additional functionality and versatility for any showering atmosphere. The large sprayface directs generous amounts of water wherever you need it most. You can choose your shower experience with just a twist – adjusting from a gentle, relaxing flow to a deep, pulsating massage.

Electronic Shower Controls
Create a spa-like ambiance at home with the DTV Digital Interface from Kohler – an advanced digital platform that wraps water, sound, light and steam together in a seamless and entirely customizable system. The DTV Digital Interface is versatile and simple to use with six available presets activated at the touch of a button. While the interface panel can be installed internally, external installation allows for preparation of an individualized shower experience before you even step inside, complementing a wide array of showering environments. The streamlined and stylish design and removable magnetic controls facilitate easy cleaning.

Shower Superfluities
After enhancing your utilitarian amenities, take customization a step further with fun, auxiliary frills. Take singing in the shower to a new tier, and bring your playlist into the shower. The high-fidelity SoundTile shower speakers are designed to perfectly match the shape, profile and finish of Kohler's iconic WaterTile bodysprays and showerheads.

Retreat to the tranquil comfort of your private steam shower to revel in the repose of the mind and body. A Kohler steam generator allows you to enjoy the purifying benefits of steam, such as respiratory relief and cleansing the body of toxins and impurities, in a shower module or custom shower environment. ///
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