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Publisher - Bob Skolnick
2012 - Spring
Ventanas Magazine
Publisher: Bob Skolnick
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The Publisher

Each spring we move into the use of our outdoor living spaces and launch the projects that we would like to do for our homes, whether remodeling or designing and building a new home. In this edition of Ventanas, we have chosen several really stunning new and remodeled homes for you to view and use as a resource for ideas. The architectural styles range from Mexican Colonial to Santa Fe Pueblo to Contemporary. There are defining elements to each style.

Bob Skolnick

We chose to write about areas of your home that may seem as secondary decisions, but when researched properly, can provide both visual and physical satisfaction. The selection of shower heads and shower systems can make that leisurely shower most enjoyable. A kitchen or bar counter only works well with the choice of a stool that fits the various members of the family and the uses that occur at a counter from homework to a quick family meal.

Taking our interests to the outdoor living area of our home invites visions of sunny days, gardening and barbecuing. Our editorial staff did research on oversized umbrellas to show you the many new options in the marketplace. We also wanted to talk about uses of your outdoor cooking equipment beyond grilling. Roasting and baking are great additional uses of a quality grill. We also tied our gardening article with maintaining your own vegetable garden. Our staff has identified those vegetables that do best in our climate zone during the warm weather months.

With the use of your outdoor living area we felt it might make sense to cook up a spring brunch menu for entertaining at home. If you're very passionate about food, then our staff is recommending a Culinary Cruise with Celebrity Cruise Lines.

The options to enjoy yourself are many, whether at home or away from home. Step away from the politics and world problems and enjoy your home, your family and friends in 2012. ///
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