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2012 - Spring Issue
Vida Buena
Article: Bob Skolnick
Photos: Celebrity Cruises
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As a culinary school graduate from the renowned Culinary Institute of America in 1964, I was exposed to an industry dominated by French, Swiss and Austrian chefs. The appreciation of fine and unique cuisines was limited to major cities and so-called white tablecloth establishments. Over the past 49 years, the elevation of the culinary arts and the public interest in cooking has been nothing short of a miraculous transformation. The fascination with the Food Channel and its Food Network Stars, the Cooking Channel, Iron Chef, Top Chef and the culinary travels of Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel are now center stage enjoyment for entertainment. Chefs are now celebrities, and why not? They are as much an artist as a cellist or a modern painter.


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Cruising the high seas over the past century has always been considered a place to enjoy the finest wines and foods. My mother cruised on the Il de France and dressing for dinner with "white glove" service was a highlight of the cruise. Over the past 49 years, the same renaissance that occurred in cuisine has also occurred in cruising. Cruise lines have built spectacular ships with every form of relaxation and indulgence known to man and woman. More importantly, they have made their services accessible to everyday people. Cruising is no longer restricted to the wealthy or the elite.

Celebrity Cruises, the world's top-rated premium cruise line, has now brought the two phenomena together: a great cruising experience coupled with the renaissance in culinary arts appreciation with the "Savor Your Destination" cruises. Now, in addition to the existing amenities of a Celebrity Cruise of fine and casual dining, relaxing, exciting entertainment along with the special on-shore destinations a premium cruise line offers, you can treat your palate and senses to world-class cuisine and wines.

In 2011, Celebrity Cruises scheduled 12 different culinary cruises to the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Each culinary cruise featured a well-known chef, such as Sara Moulton, a pioneer television chef and executive chef of Gourmet magazine. Other well-known chefs have included Dean James Max of 3030 Ocean in Fort Lauderdale; Chef John Sully of Gotham Steak at Miami's Fontainebleau Resort; and Chef Angel Palacios of La Broche in Madrid, Spain.

On each culinary cruise, a highly regarded chef is featured. The Savor Your Destination program includes food and wine themed activities that complement Celebrity's overall premium experience. Activities include a meet and greet reception and chef-led cooking demonstrations highlighting techniques and ingredients. There is a "Star-Chef's Cook-off" featuring an interactive cooking competition, complete with a book featuring the guest chef's recipes. For a fee, the guests can also participate in hands-on cooking classes led by the guest chef in the ship's galley. You can also enjoy exclusive food and wine pairing dinners presented by the guest chef in one of Celebrity's specialty restaurants on board.

Celebrity Cruises also offers a series of Savor Your Destination wine-maker themed cruises where you can learn and experience the fine wines aboard the ship and the destinations. You will learn from the ship's "Cellar Master" the process of making wines, their storage, their service and the appropriate glass for each type of wine. You will also learn how to pair wines and enjoy an elegant wine dinner. Celebrity Cruises provides 23 Sommelier's per trip and offer over 500 labels and 50 wines by the glass choices on each cruise. Collectively 10,000 bottles are caries on each ship. On certain cruises, your culinary experience and passion can be combined with a shore excursion to a local winery.

Cruising is a great vacation to relax and pamper yourself, and now with the added culinary experience you will find a great option for your vacation. Each year you can choose a new destination and new chef to experience. ///
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