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    Photo Captions:
    1.) Kinky Friedman strikes a pose with his Man in Black Tequila partners Dianna Offutt and Brian Kanof.
    2.) Kinky signs a bottle of his signature tequila for a fan while Anna Valenzuela from Spec's looks on.
    3.) Kim Langston has her arms full of signed bottles of Kinky Friedman's Man in Black Tequila.
    4.) Robert Powell gets his bottle of Reposado tequila signed by the legendary Texas icon Kinky Friedman.
    5.) Joan Good poses with Kinky after having several tequila bottles autographed.
    6.) Kinky signs a copy of his Austin City Limits DVD. The only Austin City Limits program in over 30 years that has never aired on TV anywhere. It's well known that Kinky will sign anything except bad legislation.
    7.) Joe and Danny Sheldon were excited and honored to meet Kinky and buy his tequila.
    8.) Anna Valenzuela of Spec's sales and marketing department watches Kinky cap a bottle of his Anejo tequila with a custom Man in Black shot glass.
    9.) One of several Cinco de Mayo displays featuring the Man in Black Tequila line.
  10.) Eddie Alarcon with Republic National Distributing Company was on hand to stock Kinky's signature tequila.
  11.) Little Jewford is president of Kinky Friedman Cigars as well as the keyboard player for Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys.
  12.) Kinky's cigar line was also available at the event.
  13.) Liz Widby gets her photo taken with Kinky.
  14.) Dianna Offutt hands out free samples of Kinky Friedman's Man in Black Tequila to eager tasters.
  15.) Man in Black Tequila CEO Brian Kanof is a native El Pasoan and a well-known photographer. Dianna Offutt is a UTEP graduate who maintains deep ties to the El Paso community while working for ABCo Brand Builders of Dallas. Both are partners in Kinky's tequila business.
  16.) Kinky's tequila line is made from the Weber Blue Agave of Mexico's Jalisco Highlands and is filtered only once using the traditional small batch method distillation process. There are currently four varieties of Kinky's magical elixir available: crystal clear Plata is oven roasted and distilled in copper the old-fashioned way, slightly caramel Reposado rests for eight months in charred American white oak barrels, deep caramel Anejo sits for 14 months in smoked French oak barrels, and the ultra-premium Extra Anejo is aged for 6 years in those same charred French oak casks. Photo courtesy of Man in Black Tequila.
Ventanas - Summer 2012
Exclusive Web Content
Article: Jim Widby
Photos: Jim Widby
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Kinky Friedman is a musician, an author, a former Texas Governor candidate, and now he's a peddler of premium spirits - tequila to be specific. That's right, the Kinkster has always enjoyed tequila (or Mexican mouthwash as he calls it) and after having much success with his line of cigars, he thought tequila would be a great fit. Kinky Friedman's Man in Black Tequila was exclusively introduced to Texas in February 2012. The tequila, named in tribute to men who wear black like Johnny Cash, Paladin and Zorro, has been very well received and is averaging sales of over 10 cases per day in the Lone Star state. With plans to expand into the 10 largest U.S. markets before the year's end, bottles of Kinky's signature libation will soon start flying off the shelves at an even faster pace.

Kinky's recent bottle signing at El Paso's Spec's Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods store on Sunland Park brought in crowds of fans wanting to meet the Texas legend while hoping to taste the tequila sporting his moniker. MIB Tequila partner and marketer Dianna Offutt told us more than 60 cases of the tequila were sold during the three hour El Paso event and many more bottles were purchased after the conclusion of the affair. El Paso native and Man in Black Tequila CEO Brian Kanof was also on hand to offer some insight into why he thinks their tequila is one of the best on the market. "American consumers have become much more sophisticated in their tastes for tequila. We knew it was time to introduce a premium tequila distilled using the artisanal traditions of the finest Mexican distilleries," said Kanof. "Our emphasis is on the agave and its distinct flavor. If the picas are harvested at the right time, you get the perfect balance of flavor, spice, and smoothness. That is what Man in Black Tequila is." ///
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