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    Photo Captions:
    1.) A big crowd turned out for the esteemed artists' show.
    2.) Country Dance by Lyuba Titovets
    3.) Night Shadow by Aleksander Titovets
    4.) Paradise Valley by Lyuba Titovets
    5.) Stephanie Miranda poses in front of Conversation by Lyuba Titovets
    6.) Barbara and Jack Lantz
    7.) Ginger Francis and Shari Schwartz
    8.) Sue Woo, Thomas De Leon, and Elia Mares
    9.) Aleksander's mother Marina Savitsky with Tamya Silva-Oliveira and Jennifer Hill
  10.) Aleksander poses with a long time friend
  11.) Susan and Victor Diaz with Lyuba Titovets
  12.) Lyuba Titovets poses in front of her portrait entitled Night Shadow which was painted by her husband.
  13.) Aleksander Titovets with Concepcion Vasquez.
  The lovely evening event also featured an open wine bar and hors d'oeuvres by Chef Victor Rodriguez. The money raised from the showing at the Sotoa Gallery went right back into supporting the arts in the El Paso community, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the El Paso Symphony Orchestra.
Ventanas - Summer 2012
Exclusive Web Content
Article: Jessica Muncrief
Photos: Jessica Muncrief
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"Every painting has a story and every person has a story which relates to one and to all. There are ups and downs in these stories, therefore there is always something to learn and something to celebrate. We invite you to join us in this, our adventure, because you the roots of our success for these past 20 years in America. This is just a glimpse into our journey through these years."

This quote from prominent El Paso based artists Aleksander and Lyuba Titovets, speaks of the artwork they presented at their latest show at the Sotoa Gallery. The opening reception was held this past May and featured a beautiful collection of both artists' stunning oil paintings. Friends, family and longtime clients of the Titovets showed up to help the nationally-known artists celebrate their success in the United States over the past two decades. Several guests spoke with me of their longtime connection to the duo, noting how proud they were to have some of their original pieces in their art collections. Concepcion Vasquez said, "I've known Aleksander for many years, since he first came to El Paso. I actually have one of his very first pieces of artwork, an oil painting of an apartment in St. Petersburg." ///
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