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  Photo Captions:
    1.) Catering Director Peggy Smith chats with the Novaks
    2.) Mayor Ken Miyagishima toasts with Paul Herzog and Pat Sisbarro
    3.) Lorenzo welcomes his guests for the evening
    4.) Smooth guitar melodies from James Clarkston were a perfect accompaniment to the meal
    5.) Clint Titone discusses wine pairings with the guests
    6.) The first course was an antipasti of grilled jumbo shrimp and vegetables
    7.) Ivan and Laysanne Fernandez enjoy a meal with friends
    8.) Local artist Alex Rosa gets a refill
    9.) Chilled cucumber wrapped with mixed greens and spicy tomato herb vinaigrette
  10.) Clint discusses grape varieties by region
  11.) The Tormaressca Neprica Wine was paired with a white corn soup - A lemon ice sorbet cleansed the palate before the main course
  12.) Rene Sosaprovencio sings jazz and opera classics
  13.) Salud!
2011 - Volume 2 Issue 2
Exclusive Web Content
Article: Jessica Muncrief
Photos: Bill Faulkner
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On a summer evening in July, Lorenzo’s de Mesilla hosted an Osso Bucco wine dinner in their brand new Palermo Room. The beautifully decorated room, with twinkling lights and centerpieces of sunflowers and grapes, transported guests from the hot desert to the cool veranda of an Italian villa. Lorenzo himself graciously welcomed the guests before handing it over to in-house sommelier, Clint Titone. As each course was served, Clint presented information on the wine pairings, discussing everything from the region it was grown in to a history of the vineyard. The highlight of the superb 5-course dinner was the entrée of Milanese veal with wild mushroom saffron orzo, roasted tomatoes, baked fennel and squash florettes. Lorenzo’s de Mesilla offers several wine dinner events throughout the year. The events are usually sold out, so contact Peggy Smith at 575-496-6329 to reserve tickets. ///
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