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BIC Homes
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  BIC Homes (mailing)
  PO Box 960277
  El Paso, TX 79996

  BIC Homes (office)
  11598 Saint Thomas Way
  El Paso, TX 79936

  (915) 855-8236 (office)
  (915) 630-9772 (sales)
  (915) 855-2106 (fax)


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- YouTube

  Mon-Fri: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
  Sat-Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


  TRCC #8399

  El Paso Association of Builders
  Texas Association of Builders
  Energy Star Partner
  Better Business Bureau

Customer satisfaction is certainly what our home-building company is about. We have a philosophy that is part of our regular training so that every member of our team lives the ideology as if it were the Ten Commandments, focusing on customer satisfaction. The BIC Homes philosophy to enhance customer satisfaction consists of developing long-term trust, both internally and with everyone that deals with BIC. We keep our communication channels open in every direction, honestly and candidly fostering a team spirit capable of building the best possible company. Everyone wins – the homeowner, the company, the suppliers, the sales people – everyone.

With a slogan of Built to Last, the company name, BIC, could actually stand for "Best in Class." Of course, they are only words, but our company commitment is to make them a reality for every BIC Homes customer.

Our floor plans and designs reflect the latest innovations, they are efficient and they are home-owner friendly. Feedback from the people involved with every aspect of our building business indicates that our experience and efforts are being funneled in the right direction.

We are forward-looking and always searching for new trends and designs that work. Today, people prefer more open floor plans and so that is the direction our designs have taken. For sure, everyone is looking for affordability, and we are always striving to achieve that.


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