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Soledad Canyon Earth Builders
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  Soledad Canyon Earth Builders
  949 S Melendres St.
  Las Cruces, NM 88005

  (575) 527-9897
  (575) 647-8953 (fax)


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  Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  Sat-Sun: Closed
  NM #56340

  National Association of Home Builders
  New Mexico Home Builders Association
  Las Cruces Home Builders Association
  American Solar Energy Society
  U.S. Green Build Council NM (LEED)
  Green Build New Mexico
  The Earthbuilders' Guild
  Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce
  NM Green Chamber of Commerce
  Downtown Las Cruces Partnership
  Energy Star

With "Green Building" growing in popularity, Soledad Canyon Earth Builders are truly among the pioneers in the local movement, having been in the business of building their unique rammed earth homes since 1983. This ecologically friendly building technique has been a viable alternative to the traditional wood homes for many centuries, with some dwellings still in use today that were built during the 1700 & 1800's.

Traditionally, rammed earth buildings have been common in arid regions where wood is in scarce supply. This makes a rammed earth home an ideal choice for the Southwest in general, and so Las Cruces was an obvious choice to locate this business. The process of rammed earth building is similar to adobe, and in fact is sometimes described as a "cousin" to adobe building. The construction method used is simply compressing, or ramming, a mixture of soil into forms that create building blocks or constructing entire walls, layer by layer. The walls actually become stronger over time, which is why many structures built so long ago are still used today.

Because this method of building is so unique, each home is designed to suit the needs and desires of each individual homeowner. The quality of work is evident in the details, and the energy efficiency of this type of building is another feature that homeowners love. If you are looking for an earth-friendly home, this is surely the way to go.

Visit Soledad's website to sign up for their E-Newsletter. Keep up with their current projects and news direct from Contractor, Pat Bellestri-Martinez.


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