Shops to Explore in Austin

Shops to Explore in Austin Texas

Shops to Explore in Austin

While taking a trip to Austin, you will most likely want to do some shopping. Like many other major cities, there is an abundance of shops to explore in Austin, Texas. Austin has a variety of both small and large businesses representing Texas. No matter what taste you have, you will find something to bring back home. So why not support a couple of local shops?

Exploring Shops in Austin

Shops to Explore in Austin

2nd Street District

2nd Street District is located in the heart of downtown Austin. This area features many small boutiques and restaurants that are both a representation of Texan and international culture. Some are well-known stores; however, many others are small businesses owned and operated by local Texans. You will find Austin’s authentic culture and artists in 2nd Street District.

The Domain

For those who prefer shopping at Texas’ finest stores, The Domain will suffice. The Domain is an outdoor mall featuring many well-known fashion and luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus, and Gucci along with department stores like Macy’s. Most small shops in this mall are small native Texan businesses catering to a variety of people and their taste. Many affordable and fine dining restaurants representing both a Texan and international cuisine can be found at The Domain.

Shopping in Austin

Barton Creek Square

On those sizzling summer days in Texas, choosing an indoor mall may be a more optimal choice. Barton Creek Square is just a 15-minute drive from downtown Austin. It is Austin’s largest indoor mall featuring a variety of stores and restaurants, ranging from small shops to large, well-known, department stores. You can enjoy also enjoy a movie and popcorn at the AMC Theater while you are there.

Austin Rocks

If you are a music lover, be sure to visit Austin Rocks. This local Texan store sells nothing but apparel representing Texas’ local artistic culture and music. Local artists have contributed to the designs of many of its apparel and souvenirs, creating a unique place to buy t-shirts and support local artists.

Vintage Shops

There are so many historical spots around Austin. Many people visit for the art and history Texas has to offer, so this list would not suffice without a list of popular vintage stores that have Texas’s history for you to bring home.

  • Uncommon Objects – located southwest of Austin, Uncommon Objects is an antique store that sells nothing but history; history from Texas’ culture. From pictures, to toys, to furniture, this place has it all. Uncommon Objects has a variety of objects that are uncommon and can only be found there.
  • Room Service Vintage – this place has it all; vintage clothing, books, records, furniture, you name it! Room Service Vintage is located just north of downtown Austin. You will most likely walk out with a hand full of history!
  • Waterloo Records – this is the place for music lovers. Waterloo Records sells, both new and used, vintage records and music from artists not only around the world, but also native to Texas.

Shopping in Austin | Visit Austin, TX

This is just a few of Austin’s shops. Take a drive around Austin and explore the variety other unique shops this city has to offer. Austin has a little of something for everyone.

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