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Ventanas is an informative publication about the enjoyment of fine southwestern living in Southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. The magazine, which is published three times per year, is divided into three distinct sections covering the region's unique people, places, events, and lifestyles. Articles feature the area's finest homes and homeowners, entertainment and dining, health and wellness, vacation getaways, and recipes for entertaining at home. Each magazine section's contents are detailed below:

Casas Bonitas – articles on new homes, home building, remodeling, home improvement, interior design & décor, architecture, gardening, landscaping, and outdoor living. Industry professionals are interviewed and tips & tricks are abundant. Ventanas also includes a printed and on-line Resource Directory with recommendations for some of the best home products and services in the region.

Vida Buena – articles on interesting people, places and issues in the Borderland and Mesilla Valley region. Topical articles are included about health, wellness, beauty, shopping, parenting, local live entertainment, community events, and weekend getaways. Also included are interesting book and web site reviews.

¡Comidas Sabrosas! – articles on entertaining at home, popular cuisines, recipes by local & regional chefs, cooking tips, wine & spirits, and local restaurant dining. Cookbook and foodie web site reviews are included in every issue. ¡Comidas Sabrosas! also has a regional featured restaurant guide in print and on-line.
  ARCHIVE  –  Full Copies of Past Editions
Ventanas Spring 2012 Ventanas Vol 2.2 Ventanas Vol 2.1
Spring - 2012
Outdoor Living Edition
View Contents
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - 2011
Remodel Edition
View Contents
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 2011
Design Edition
View Contents
Ventanas Vol 1.2 Ventanas Vol 1.1 Ventanas Fall 2009
Volume 1 - Issue 2 - 2010
New Home Edition
View Contents
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 2010
Remodel Edition
View Contents
Fall - 2009
Interior Design Edition
View Contents
Ventanas Summer 2009 Ventanas Winter 2009
Summer - 2009
New Home Edition
View Contents
Winter - 2009
Remodel Edition
View Contents
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